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Verifying your EU VAT/Sales Tax Number:

What is an EU VAT/Sales Tax Number?

If you are a business based in the EU (but excluding the UK) you may have a TAX number for your company which, if verified by our system, will mean that we do not have to charge you UK VAT.

An EU VAT/tax number will usually comprise of two letters (to determine your country) followed by a series of numbers.

Which countries are applicable?

If your company is based in an EU member state then you may have a VAT number.

NB: If you have a UK VAT number you do not need to add it to your account as our systems will automatically charge you UK VAT to comply with UK law if you add your number or not.

If you are based outside of the EU then our systems will recognise this and you will not be charged VAT/sales tax.

What if I am a consumer or do not have an EU VAT/sales tax number?

If you are purchasing as an individual/consumer and not as a company then UK VAT will be automatically added to your order to comply with EU/UK law.

How do you look up my EU VAT/sales tax number?

Our systems with cross reference your VAT/sales tax number against the EU database of valid VAT numbers, we do this by linking our systems directly with the database.

What happens if my EU VAT/sales tax number is not validated?

This may be because your company is new and your number is not yet on the database, alternatively the number may not be valid or you may have made a mistake when entering the number into our system, please recheck the details you have added.

If your number is not validated then you may continue with your order, however, you will be charged UK VAT/sales tax to comply with EU/UK law or you can send your order to us as an enquiry and we will be able to assist further, you will see this option if your EU VAT/sales tax number fails to validate.

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