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Acoustic Hood

Sound reducing hood for FP5005, FP5006 and FP5007

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Image of Acoustic Hood


The innovative Gibbons Fans Acoustic Hood is a unique product designed to reduce the noise from your fan.

Sound Reduction

When placed over top of your fan or blower you can expect to reduce noise levels by a massive 8 dBA.   The Gibbons Fans Acoustic Hood offers advanced sound absorbing foam to ensure a significant reduction in noise levels.  The Gibbons Fan Accoustic Hood has been specifically designed to cater for all fan types by offering flexible air outlet areas that can be extruded to fit your fan.


The hood is manufactured from super strong and robust plastic which resists impacts and can withstand the every day rigours of a busy inflatable rental company.

Additional Safety

The Acoustic Hood also offers additional safety benefits by deterring younger users from accessing the fan/blower unit.  The hood also offers an additional guard against the elements by further protecting your fan from water and dust ingress.

Neat & Tidy

In addition to being a lightweight and durable product the hood has been designed to allow multiple units to be stacked on top of each other therefore reducing your storage footprint.

Easy to Carry

Alongside the unique lightweight materials used by our Acoustic Hood we have also added ergonomic integral carry holes to ensure that the unit can be manoeuvred easily.


Material Medium-Density Polyethylene (MDPE)
Weight 8.00Kg / 17.64lbs
Product dimensions 80cm x 77cm x 60cm / 2.62' x 2.53' x 1.97'
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