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 As market leaders Gibbons Fans have developed a number of accessories which perfectly complement our industry leading range of fans and blowers for bouncy castles, bounce houses, moonwalks and inflatables.

Please find set out below an explanation of the key features of each accessory:

 Asymmetrical Timer:

This option enables the blower to be turned on and off at preset time periods.  These time periods for the on setting and the off setting do not need to be the same, but can be if desired. We do not recommend that the blowers cycle on/off with time periods of less than 15 seconds as this may reduce the life of the motor.

Possible timings are as follows: 30 seconds on, 60 seconds off. 60 seconds on 45 seconds off, 120 seconds on, 120 seconds off.

The timer is fitted with variable scales offering huge flexibility in the timings available.

Speed Controller:

Our speed controller has been designed specially for use on Gibbons Blowers. Encompassing an on/off switch and stepless speed variation this accessory provides accurate control of the speed of the motor/blower.

This accessory can only be fitted to certain models in the Gibbons Fans range, so we recommend checking with us by filling in our enquiry form available here, should you have any questions.

Inlet Filter:

Our advanced filtration material prevents particulates such as sand, dust and lint from entering the blower and subsequently clogging the impeller.

This accessory is perfect for inflatables used on or near a beach, or for use in indoor play centres where dust and lint can enter the fan.

By using an inlet filter you can protect your inflatable from damage as sand and other detritus may cause damage to the internal structure and seams of your inflatable.

Our filter can simply be washed in warm soapy water should it become clogged.

Please note that our filter can only be fitted to our FP 5006 and FP 5007 ranges of fans, additionally the filter can only be fitted to new products, it cannot be retro fitted to older fans.

On/Off Switch:

For additional safety we can add an on/off switch to your blower. Our high quality, push button switch is rated up to 16 Amps and 50/60Hz.

Please note that our switch can only be fitted to new blowers it cannot be retro fitted to previously purchased fans.

Inlet Suction Adaptor:

This accessory an be used in two ways:

  • To remove air from an inflatable.
  • To allow the blower to be mounted internally within the inflatable structure.

Light Mounting Kit:

Our 150W halogen light mounting kit is specifically designed for our FP 5010 range. This accessory is perfect for adding light to your skydancer for an amazing after dark display.

Remote Speed Controller:

If you are operating an inflatable dome and need to adjust the speed of the blower from the front of the inflatable then this is the perfect accessory.

The kit comprises of our speed controller unit, extension cable and a power isolator all connected to a small control board which can be mounted onto the front of the inflatable.

LPG Conversion Kit:

Some local governments will not allow petrol use on their premises/sites therefore as an alternative we can offer a LPG conversion kit for use on our FP 5008 range of petrol fans.

LPG offers, longer running times, lower costs and less emissions as well as being far safer than using petrol.

Please note that by converting to LPG you may still choose to run your petrol fan on standard unleaded petrol.

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