Dual Socket 25m Extension Reel

Gibbons Fans
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The first extension reel designed to work specifically with Gibbons blowers, improving safety, reducing voltage drop and maintaining blower performance. Built to last and designed to withstand the rigours of the toughest environments. 

Extra heavy commercial frame fabricated from high strength steel tubing. Designed to withstand the rigours of a busy hire company. 

25M long, 2.5mm2 VDE rated H07-RNF cable. Extra thick rubber cable to reduce voltage drop and heat build-up in the reel. 

Featuring an integrated power indication light. A clearly visible neon light which indicates that there is power to the reel. 

Thermal overload. For your safety, the thermal overload will operate when the reel becomes too hot. Preventing damage to the cable and ensuring safe operation. 

High quality, high strength injection moulded reel, lightweight and built to last. 

IP44 16A rated sockets to work directly with your Gibbons blowers. 



Specifications (at a glance)


230V 25M 2.5mm2 2 Way 

Plug Type:

16A Industrial 

Cable Type:

H07RN-F 2.5mm

RCD: Not included
Dimensions (LxWxH): 320 x 240 x 190mm
Max Safe: 720W wound
Working Load: 3860W unwound
Clasification: IP44, Portable
Weight: 5.7Kg
Part No.: FP5050



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