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ABOUT Gibbons Bouncy castle Blowers

Gibbons Fans Ltd are the international leaders in Inflatable and bouncy castle blower technology.  At Gibbons Fans we offer the world's largest premium range of fans and blowers for the bouncy castle, inflatable and advertising industries.  Our industry standard 1.5hp inflatable blower, used on approximately 80% of all commercial inflatables, is certified to CE, GS, UL, CSA and TUV standards.  This certification ensures that our products are safety assured and manufactured to the highest possible quality standards.

A Name you can Trust

With over 27 years experience in designing and supplying fans and bouncy castle blowers for the inflatable industry, Gibbons Fans offer products of proven pedigree and of the highest quality. Our excellent service standards and reliability has resulted in Gibbons Fans being recognised internationally as the most end user requested inflatable and bouncy castle blower brand.

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High Quality, High Performance, Industry Leading Service:

Gibbons Fans offer industry leading performance, design and quality. This is backed up by first class after sales service and support. Our commercial staff and support staff are always on hand to offer advice and support to all customers and end users.

British Design, British Engineering:

Our Engineering team have amongst them over 100 years experience in engineering and industrial design. At Gibbons Fans we use the latest 3D modelling and design verification tools to ensure we build quality into our products from inception to market launch. We monitor all our products carefully and are constantly improving our designs and product performance.

Child and Operator Safety:

At Gibbons Fans we take safety very seriously. We comply with all relevant safety standards and ensure that our products are the safest available in the industry today. Our products are certified for commercial use and can be used outdoors safely.

Gibbons Fans, One Complete Solution:

Only Gibbons Fans can offer the inflatable manufacturer, inflatable hire companies and end users a complete range of electric fans, petrol/diesel fans and generators. No other manufacturer can offer our range of worldwide voltages and advanced technology.

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Why Choose Gibbons Fans?

Internationally sourced premium quality components.

We source our components globally as we believe that quality is more important than price. We know that reliability is of utmost importance to inflatable renting/hiring companies, manufacturers and end users alike.

Efficient, high performance premium design.

Our efficient designs ensure we offer industry leading performance and air pressure where you need it most.

British design and engineering.

All our products are designed in the UK using advanced 3D modelling techniques. We have our own test lab to prove our designs before they enter the field.

The most safety certified designs available in the industry.

Safety is the number one priority of Gibbons Fans.  We ensure that all our fans/blowers comply fully to CE, RoHS, GS, TUV, UL and CSA standards for piece of mind and safety.

International leader in inflatable blower design.

We have 27 years experience in blower design and are the trendsetter and market leader in this industry. We offer innovation and technology which sets us apart from the competition.

Robust, strong and proven design:

Our exceptionally strong impact resistant casings, coupled with innovative design features, result in our products being reliable, industry proven as well as offering a high return on investment (ROI).

Easy to store and stack:

Our interlocking design on some products allows those products to be stacked on top of each other, optimising storage space.

Industrial design:

At Gibbons Fans we design our blowers/fans with commercial appeal as we are aware that the main interest should be the inflatable and not the blower/fan. Unlike colourfully designed products Gibbons Fans colour schemes prevent children and insects from being attracted to the blower, increasing safety and long term performance.

Commercially rated:

Our principle products have been rated by internationally known test houses as being suitable for commercial use, which means that Gibbons Fans have passed the most stringent safety criteria, promoting safety and longevity.

Approved for outdoor use:

Gibbons 1.5hp blower has been approved for outdoor use as certified by major international test houses and safety bodies, an industry first for a inflatable blower/fan and an important safety aspect for any rental company, manufacturer or end user.

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We have been using Gibbons fans for all of our children's, adults and large sports inflatables for the past 5 years and are pleased to say we have never had any fan failures in that time. Whenever we purchase new equipment we always insist that it is supplied with a Gibbons fan as based on our personal experience we believe that they are the best. The whole team at Gibbons are both knowledgeable and very helpful.

Jon Hill
BBC Inflatables

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