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At Gibbons Fans we are very proud to offer bouncy castle manufacturers, hirers and home users the largest range of electrical bouncy castle fans available globally.  We can offer a bouncy fan solution to suit any worldwide voltage and frequency, and a high level of service we believe is unique to Gibbons Fans.  Our premium range of electric bouncy castle blowers and fans range in size from 350W up to 1500W, offering a solution to any inflatable manufactured worldwide.

Gibbons Fans offers a full range of electrical fans and blowers for inflatables.  Included within this range is the industry standard 1.50HP bouncy castle blower and the high performing 2.0HP high volume inflatable fan.  

Safety First

Our electrical fans are CE marked, EN 14960 compliant and certified by TUV.

At Gibbons Fans we take safety very seriously. All our products are CE certified and we use TUV to ensure that our products are compliant with CE standards and are the safest available in the industry today.

We are the only manufacturer who tests our products to IP44 which means Gibbons fans are the only products certified for outdoor use.

Need Advice?

Should you require any advice on which fan to use on your inflatable please contact one of our advisors.

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Power supply

Power Supply

At Gibbons Fans we offer two different types of electrical power supply, AC or DC. Most of our products are powered by AC fans, however we do have a small range of DC products.

AC (Alternating Current):

This is standard mains power that you would get from any mains socket. The majority of our products are powered by AC, especially our larger, more powerful products.

Gibbons Fans currently supplies a range of fans which can utilise AC power of 100V-240V 50-60Hz so we can cater for all worldwide voltages and frequencies.

If you are unsure of which power source is correct for your location please read our Electrical Supply Table, which will assist you in making the correct choice.

DC (Direct Current):

This is the power generally provided by batteries. Gibbons Fans has a small selection of DC powered products suited for use on smaller inflatable structures and promotional items.

Gibbons can supply DC fans in both 12VDC and 24VDC outputs so please ensure you choose the correct product for your battery source or DC power supply. 

  1. Deselected AC
  2. Deselected Single Phase

Casing type

Casing Type

Which Casing Type are you looking for?

Here at Gibbons Fans we offer two types of casing on our products, our plastic range and our metal range.

Most customers have a preference to use either plastic or metal in their blower inventory.


Our plastic is seen to be our premium product, benefiting from up to date design features which promote both operator and child safety. Our plastic fan is deemed to the benchmark in premium, high quality inflatable blower design.

If you are looking for the best possible premium blower, made with the highest quality components and packed full of innovation then the Gibbons Fans plastic range of bouncy castle blowers is the range for you.


Our tried and tested metal range offers reliability and low cost. However, the innovations developed for our plastic range will not be added to the metal range.

If you are looking for a budget, proven and reliable product then you should look at our metal range.

  1. Deselected Metal
  2. Deselected Plastic



Some of our fans can be used on several types of inflatables, where some can only be used on very specific type of inflatables (such as swimming pool inflatables). Here you can select the type of inflatable you have or the industry sector you are looking for and our site will display the most appropriate fans for your selected inflatable types.

Feel free to select as many (or as few) market sectors as you require and the website will display all of our relevant products to you.

Bouncy Castles

This category should be selected if you require fan for a standard back garden bouncy castle for example a 4M x 4M (12ft x 12ft) unit or a bounce and slide unit.

Inflatable Domes

Select this category if you are looking for fans for use on an inflatable dome. By selecting this option you will display blowers which can be used on the base (bed) and on the dome itself.

Home Use

If you are looking for a small fan for use on your non-commercial home use bouncer or toy bouncer then please select this option.

Obstacle Courses

If you are looking for a fan for use on your obstacle course (please note that this is not size dependant) then please select this option. Please note that if you have a multiple part obstacle course then you may need more than one fan.

Promotional Inflatables

Select this option if you are looking for a blower suitable for use with your promotional inflatable, for example a small lightweight inflatable or for use with a product replica.


If you are looking for a blower for use with a skydancer, windyman or fly guy then please select this option.

Sport Inflatables

Select this option if you are looking for blowers which can be used with your sports inflatable, for example a bungee run, gladiator joust or football shootout.

Water Play Inflatables

This option should be selected if you are looking for a blower which can be used with your water based inflatable, for example an inflatable which can be used across a swimming pool.

Inflatable Slides

This category should be selected if you are looking for fans which can be used with your inflatable slide being it a small garden slide or a mega slide used at fairs and large events.


  1. Deselected Bouncy castle
  2. Deselected Home use
  3. Deselected Obstacle courses
  4. Deselected Promotional
  5. Deselected Sport

Inflatable size

Inflatable Size

At Gibbons Fans we have a large range of bouncy castle fans to suit all sizes of inflatables. By selecting your inflatable size you will be able to filter our range of products to only show those products which are suitable for use on your inflatable.

We have three filters as follows:

Inflatables up to 4M x 4M (12ft x 12ft):

Select this option for all inflatables less than 4M x 4M (12ft x 12ft). This is the most common size of inflatable used in back garden rentals and hires. The usual fan size you would use on this size of inflatable is a 0.75hp or 0.55kW.

Inflatables up to 8M x 8M (24ft x 24ft):

Select this option for all inflatables that are larger than 4M x 4M (12ft x 12ft) but less than 8M x 8M (24ft x 24ft), this would cover the majority of inflatables apart from the very largest units. The usual fan size you would use on this size of inflatable is a 1.50hp or 1.10kW.

Inflatables over 8M x 8M (24ft x 24ft):

Select this option for all inflatables that are larger than 8M x 8M (24ft x 24ft). This choice should be made for the very largest inflatables for example large obstacle courses or slides. The usual fan size you would use on this size of inflatable is a 2.00hp or 1.50kW.

NB: Please note that these filters are for information only and are only supposed to act as a guide. They do not account for height or for variations in inflatable design. The responsibility of the final fan choice always remains with the customer.


  1. Deselected Large Seal Inflatables
  2. Deselected Over 8M x 8M (24ft x 24ft)
  3. Deselected Small sealed inflatables
  4. Deselected Up to 4M x 4M (12ft x 12ft)
  5. Deselected Up to 8M x 8M (24ft x 24ft)



If you know the power of the blower you are looking for then please select it here and all products which match your selection will be displayed. The most common power outputs are 0.75hp (0.55kW), 1.50hp (1.10kW) and 2.00hp (1.50kW).

  1. Deselected 0.66Hp(0.5kW)
  2. Deselected 0.88Hp(0.66kW)
  3. Deselected 1.50Hp(1.10kW)
  4. Deselected 2.00Hp(1.50kW)



This option allows you to filter products available to you by your country’s electrical power supply frequency. To help you a little in the UK and Europe the frequency is 50hz and in the USA and Canada the frequency is 60hz. Please ensure you select the correct frequency as using a blower on an incorrect electrical supply may cause damage to the blower. If you need further guidance please see our country, voltage, plug and frequency guide here.

  1. Deselected 50Hz



Here at Gibbons Fans we are often asked to advise on which voltage, frequency and plug type is correct for a certain country.

This table and plug key shows you the different options that we have available to you, at Gibbons Fans we can manufacture a bouncy castle blower to suit any worldwide voltage and frequency and can practically cater for every plug type too!

Please use this table as a guide to assist you in deciding on the correct blower electrical specification/ plug type.

Should your country be missing or alternatively you have a question relating to blower electrical specification or plug choice please do not hesitate to contact us.

Or alternatively please check the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) website for further details: www.iec.ch

Plug Key:

Gibbons Fans can supply the following plugs with your inflatable fan:





 Australian Plug


 UK Plug

 USA Plug

Please Note: This information is for guidance only. Gibbons Fans Ltd accepts no responsibility/liability for the correctness of the information given below. The final choice of blower/fan electrical specification and responsibility remains with the customer at all times.

The source of this information is: http://www.iec.ch/worldplugs/list_bylocation.htm

 Voltage, Plug & Frequency Guide




  1. Deselected 110v
  2. Deselected 220-240v
  3. Deselected 230V

...We have always used Gibbons blowers and would not use anything else. In our opinion the quality, performance and after sales service is the best in the industry...

Ben Sheppard
Big Fun UK

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