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Your country will determine the currency which your payment will be taken in.

The Gibbons Fans website allows you to select your country and language, you may do this by navigating to our language and country selection page.

Your country of choice will have a default currency which is linked to your country choice or your account with us.

To set up a new account or make changes to an existing account please visit our log in to your account page.

Please note that we can only accept payments in the following currencies:

  • Euros
  • Sterling
  • United States Dollars

NB: The currency we will accept from you is linked to your country of choice and cannot be changed, i.e. if you have chosen Belgium as your country we can only accept payment from you in Euros, you will not be able to pay in United States Dollars etc.

Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us via this form.

Gibbons Fans provides my business with some of the highest quality products on the market. They have not only succeeded in creating a very well built and reliable product for which we totally rely on for our inflatable hire company, but also provide excellent after sales service. I cannot recommend Gibbons Fan Products enough to any bouncy castle hire company.

Leyla Stevenson

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