1000w Sealed Inflatable Pump

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  • High pressure pump for rapid inflation and deflation designed for use with smaller sealed inflatables, rated at 1000W.
  • Fitted with IP44 rated C-Form plug as standard suitable for outdoor use.
  • The FP5049 is fitted with a high-quality air flow pipe, designed to prevent heat build-up and allow the sealed inflatable to be inflated quickly and efficiently.




Specifications (at a glance)

Power Supply


Maximum Power


Maximum Pressure

250 mbar / 3.6 psi

Maximum Flow Rate

1700 I/min




150 x 160 x 170mm

This high-pressure pump is fitted with a thermal overload device which will operate in case of overheating. Should the thermal overload device operate the high-pressure pump will stop functioning and will operate normally again once it has cooled down after approximately 20-40 minutes.


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Available Voltage / Hertz Options

  • 230v / 50Hz
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