Below are some common questions asked by our clients, if you have other questions, please email us at and we will be happy to come back to you.

No! As long as you take care of your bouncy castle blowers, keep them protected from dust and debris and store them out of cold, damp places, they should be fine! However, please remember to have your units PAT tested at least annually when your inflatables are being inspected.

Please remember it is best practise to inspect your blowers before and after every hire for damage to the inlet and outlet guards and also the electrical connections and power cables.

If in doubt please have your inflatable blower checked by an electrically competent person.

Yes, all of our products come with a 12 month warranty as standard, and our petrol blowers, FP5005, FP5006, FP5007, FP5060 and FP5061 standard (0.75hp, 1.50hp and 2.00hp) units can all be extended to 24 months warranty, free of charge, by simply filling in our warranty registration form.
Yes. However, ensure the cable has a minimum copper cross-sectional area of 1.5mm2, but for best practise, we suggest using 2.5mm2 cable, with a maximum length of 25m. NB: The cross-sectional area is usually embossed into the outer insulation of the cable along with other technical information. Please note that each fan should be supplied by its own dedicated extension cable, this will ensure that the fan is operating most efficiently without any loss in performance.
As with all electrical products care must be taken when operating a Gibbons Fan in damp or wet conditions including rain and snow. Gibbons Fans are the only inflatable blower manufacturer who has had their products certified for outdoor use in UK, Europe, USA and Canada. Our products are designed to IP24, meaning that our products can safely withstand splashes of water from all directions, in line with the IEC standard 60529 (UK and Europe) and to CSA C22.2 No. 68-09 / UL 1450-Fourth Edition for Canada and the USA. We strongly recommend that the correct electrical connections are used to ensure that the complete installation is also to IP24. Please note that using any electrical device in wet or damp conditions should be avoided as much as possible and that inflatables should only be used in these conditions if manufacturers and or government safety guidelines are strictly followed.
Gibbons Fans can be used on the beach without affecting either the warranty or performance of the unit. We do however recommend that an inlet filter is added to the inlet side of the fan, this will prevent sand being sucked into the inflatable. Over time if a blower is used on a beach then sand will be ingested by the blower which will gradually create a build-up of sand within the inflatable itself, increasing the weight and possibly causing above normal wear and tear (damage) to the internal structures of the inflatable. Our inlet filter can be fitted to our FP 5006 (1.50hp) and FP 5007 (2.00hp) products and involves the inlet guard of the fan being changed and the filter kit added. Our advanced, washable filter prevents sand and other debris entering the fan without affecting blower performance and is a must for any operator looking to operate an inflatable either on or near a beach.
On average, a 0.75HP/1.5HP standard FP5005 or FP5006 unit will use around £1.50 to £2.00 of electricity over 6 hours to run, though this will depend on your individual electricity supplier and tariff.
In free air (i.e. not connected to an inflatable), our FP5005 and FP5006 0.75hp/1.5HP units produce approximately 80dB at 5meters and the FP5007 2.0HP fans produce approximately 87dB at 5 meters. You can reduce the noise generated by the blower by using one of our fantastic noise reducing covers, these reduce the noise of a blower by 12%.
The best way to make a blower quieter is to use one of our sound reducing hoods. These fit over a blower and reduce the sound generated by a blower by up to 12%. These hoods also protect the blower from the elements and from knocks and bumps. They are also an excellent deterrent to stop children from going near to the blower.
The best way to select the correct blower is to apply this approximate rule: Inflatables up to 8M x 8M = 1.10 kW / 1.50hp Inflatables over 8M x 8M = 1.50 kW / 2.00hp This is an approximate rule and a basic principle to aid fan selection, there are many other factors to be considered which should be discussed with the inflatable manufacturer.
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