Rugged 8Hp Diesel Blower

Gibbons Fans
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  • Large integrated fuel tank provides up to 8 hours of constant run time, thus diminishing the need for refuelling and stoppages.
  • Exceptionally high torque from the 8.0hp diesel engine providing high levels of air volume and pressure from the blower / fan, perfect for larger inflatables.
  • Diesel powered providing greater safety in areas where petroleum products are not suitable.





    Specifications (at a glance)


    Powder Coated Steel Sheet

    Engine Type

    Diesel Single Cylinder

    Rated Output

    2.5kW 3.33hp


    3000 rpm

    Fuel Capacity

    10 litres

    Shipping Dimensions

    70 x 80 x 80cm / 27.5” x 31.5” x 31.5”

    Product Dimensions

    61 x 64 x 50cm / 24” x 25” x 19.7”


    65kg / 143lbs

    Approximate Run Time

    8 hours

    Decibel Level

    97.5 dBA

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